Le Ranong Homemade Bakery
"Le Ranong Homemade Bakery " The Signature. 
     A welcome of our hotel are breakfast at the Le Ranong Bakery. We serving our homemade bread with a meal. Breads and Bakery used local material like black sesame and herb can find easily in Ranong. 
     The American Breakfast  : a choice of Fried egg / Poached egg /Omelette or Scranble egg serve with Ham or Bacon, Sausage and our homemade black sesame bread toast with butter and jam. 
     The Other of breakfast choices also serve with homemade black sesame bread toast. Ham Omelette / Tomato Omelette/Bacon Omelette/Spinach Omelette/ Mixed Omelette and Hot pan fried egg too.
     Home made bread with "Sandwich menu" it's a good choice of you. We've Boiled-Egg Sandwich, Fried - Egg Sandwich, Ham Cheese Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich, Salami Sandwich and the special one have to try is Chicken Black Pepper Sandwich. 
     Homemade Baguette : these French bread can looking a quality at only our Le Ranong Bakery.  
     Bruschetta is a basic starter : Slices of homemade Baguette topping with mixed tomato and sauce.
     The varios of Baguette manu you can choose are Vegetable Baguette/ Sausage Baguette/Tuna Baguette/Ham & Cheese Baguette/ Bacon & Cheese Baguette and Salimi Baguette.
Cake & Sweets
     Le Ranong Homemade Bakery offer various of Cake, Cookies and Sweet. A beautiful Cake make you feel lovely and nice taste with soft cake and not to sweet. And many of sweet ready to serving at the Bakery Counter. 

                Coffee & Tea                           Bread & Sweet                         Cake & Cookies
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